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This depends wildly on the project and the client. You can lower your price when it is a project you really want to do, but you know the client does not have a big budget.

Sometimes it is also possible to settle on a more material solution. For example: an artist asks you to design a publication but barely has a budget, maybe it could be a trade for an artwork. These could have a comparable value as the work you will put into the publication, but keep in mind you still have to pay the rent!

When the client is a big institution who you know has the right budget, you should always ask the full price. There can be room to negotiate, but if you work for next to nothing to long people start to expect and exploit this from you. Asking the right price for your work also shows you take yourself seriously as a designer and this is something you should always do.

Many freshly graduated designers have a hard time deciding their rates for potential new clients. Most people ask around €30 to 40,-. It is possible to go a bit lower, but don’t do this too much as you only earn about 45% of this. There is a big chunk that you will pay on taxes. If you are fully self-employed there is also a quarterly tax you have to pay with a minimum of about €750,-. You do get some of it back at the end of the year.

It is also possible to make a deal on a price in total. This could feel more comfortable in some situations for you and is extra clear for your client. But make sure it is very clear what is included in the price en write this down for your client. Make sure you make very clear agreements, for example how many feedbacks and proposals are included in the price.

If you are still having a hard time with deciding on a price and making this clear to your client you could also calculate by your financial needs. Add up all your monthly bills and divide this by the hours you can work. Then you know around what price you need to ask to be able to live comfortably. And this is also an easier way to explain your prices to your client.

Please don’t undervalue yourself for the work you are asked to do. You studied for this and are qualified!

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Notion is an organising app which is perfect as a starting base to get a good overview of everything you need to do and keep track on your documentation. You can also share a space with your client or coworker dedicated to your project. It is a easy and clear program where you could always fall back on.

Asana is a good app if you are working in a team and have several deadlines. In the calendar view it is easy to get a clear view on what has to be done and when. The ticking off system is also very satisfying when a job is done.

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There are many different printers with different features for different jobs.

It is always nice to keep an open mind when going to a printer as they know more paper, printing and about how to finish your project in the best way. Some printers are more open for personal advice then others but you can always contact a few for advice and and price estimates. Don’t forget to make testprints.

In the PDF you can find a listing with some recommendations from our members. Feel free to add more!

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